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“des p’tits bonheurs” is a swiss company providing graphic design services, and also commercializing its own products. In 2011, the company started developing applications for the iPhone. Bambinapp and Appygraph are available on the AppStore worldwide.

Charles Massin

PhD in engineering
Co-founder & CEO

Charles Massin received a MSc and PhD in micro-engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne (EPFL). He has held senior project management positions in the high-tech industry at Bruker Biospin and Valtronic Technologies. He is the inventor of two US patents, and has successfully introduced technology-based innovative products on the market.


Valérie Massin-Hagin

Co-founder & artistic director

Valérie Massin-Hagin is a self-educated graphic designer. She has more than 12 years of experience creating company logos and flyers, wedding and birth announcement cards, and as such has a unique overview of which designs touch people's heart. She has invented and commercialized an innovative CD sleeves format that was highly successful in Switzerland.